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We Are Commited To Your Health and Well-being

Nail clippers and cuticle clippers are soaked in a hospital grade cleaning agent, and placed in a medical grade autoclave before each use. These tools are sealed in a packet and opened in front of clients before each session. Nail files, pumice stones, and buffers are all single use items and are given to you to take home at the end of each appointment.

Nail stations (nail table) are kept clean, dust-free, and are wiped down with antibacterial, antiviral solutions after each client.


Single use pedicure liners are used for each client during the pedicure treatment.

At the end of each pedicure, we drain each basin and then sanitize using a cleaning agent that is an EPA registered medical grade bactericide, fungicide and virucide to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Our Sterilization Process

Sterilizing Manicure Tools
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