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Welcome to our unique nails and beauty lounge, to accommodate you on a relaxing, friendly and clean enviroment. Our aim is to provide you a high quality service using the latest europian techniques. We provide to every client a new sterilized nail kit that includes all the tools for the manicure or pedicure service.

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Gel Nails  it's the new European Technique

Gel nails brings a natural look to your real nails with either artificial nails to extend the nails longer with nail forms or just overlay. 

We provide helthier nails, acid free, harmful chemical free and no UV. With more than 5 years experience, we have been taking care of thousands of nails and understand what exactly your nails need.

Gel is a product used to extend the nail past the edge of the natural nail. Gel polish is a product that is gentle on your nails.

This manicure will be done in a caring and experienced manner. This process is gentle to your natural nails and the color stays intact on the nails between 3 to 4 weeks. Gel nails will provide you with long lasting, natural and well formed nails.

To complete the gel nail process a LED light is used. This lamp is gentle to your hands skin and nails. Upon removal of the gel nails your natural nails will continue to be in excellent condition.

  No fumes... No odors... Acrylic free   


  Promotes the growth of natural nails 


  Strengthens & conditions nails 

  Thin...strong...flexible, looks & feels 


  Quick & easy removal...No damage to    

   natural nails  

  Gel Extensions - Add length naturally  


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